Expectation assurance...and a bit more

Speedline Technologies

The Challenge - Communicating the Value of a Reorganization

Speedline Technologies, a $300 million electronics and semiconductor manufacturing company, had combined four leading but individually branded companies in a merger. Yet in spite of a major promotional launch, the market and even internal audiences were still unsure of the value of these combined entities a year later.

The Approach - Evaluating the Brand, Crafting Key Messages

Bridgeman Communications began by inventorying the values associated with the new company — the combined R&D of a new global company, a one-call support system, and the benefits of trusted customer contacts. With core values now well defined, Bridgeman molded key market differentiators into persuasive media messages.

The Results

Bridgeman identified major audiences, the channels to reach them and orchestrated a CEO media tour to explain the organizational and process improvements rolled out over the past year, providing the proof points for the corporate strategy. We re-launched the organization with the company’s first corporate vs. product media and analyst briefing, the largest media event in the company’s history.

In the months that followed, Bridgeman hammered feature coverage highlighting the value of global service, new R&D advances and case histories of clients benefiting from the combined value of the Speedline companies.