Expectation assurance...and a bit more


The Challenge - Launching a Company into a New Market

Rovia, a developer of a secure content distribution infrastructure that allows content providers to securely distribute copyrighted material online, launched its company with an initial focus in the educational publishing space. They tapped Bridgeman Communications to establish a strong presence simultaneously with three major audiences - venture capitalists, the publishing industry, and the higher education market.

The Approach - Communicating the Value of a Technology to Multiple Audiences

Bridgeman knew it would take an aggressive approach to media relations to reach all of Rovia’s core audiences. Our focus was on technology and industry trade publications for both the publishing and higher education markets. However, the greatest challenge was getting an unknown technology company into the mainstream business and financial press to keep them on the radar of the venture capital and financial community. We hit this mark by capitalizing on breaking news and Catalyst PR™, while simultaneously conducting proactive outreach in the trades to keep Rovia top of mind.

The Results

Within the first six weeks, the media relations campaign quickly hit the publishing community with articles in the industry’s leading publication, Publisher’s Weekly that directly generated partnership and sales leads with industry-leading academic publishers. Bridgeman also held a media day in New York City to introduce Rovia to the education and business media, capped by appointments with The New York Times and Forbes. Bridgeman relentlessly pursued the industry analyst community, booking briefings with Forrester Research, Delphi Group, Jupiter Research and more, to build a solid network of third-party testimonials for the brand.

The net results — publicity that generated prospect contacts, coverage of the technology that pre-empted competitive solutions, and “hot-start-up” coverage in major business journals to legitimize the company with the venture community.