Expectation assurance...and a bit more


The Challenge - Bringing a U.K. Company into the U.S. Market

Kellysearch.com, the world’s largest business-to-business search engine, fixed their sights on the U.S. market aiming to replicate their massive success in the U.K. With an expeditionary sales team en-route to the States, Kellysearch.com, part of Reed Business Information, approached Bridgeman Communications to build a rapid awareness and sales lead program, introduce a century old brand to the U.S., and build a sustainable sales and marketing support program.

The Approach - Fast Track Marketing and Sales

From the word go, Bridgeman deployed a rapid sales lead program to drill down on search engine advertising prospects — raising awareness, communicating key messages and arming the sales force with the right tools to do the job. After an initial direct response program to warm up prospects, Bridgeman launched an integrated marketing program to introduce Kellysearch to media, analysts and prospects at a major industrial trade show. Bridgeman also created a global persona for the Kellysearch.com icon, “Max” the Kellysearch Mole. At the same time, print and online ads accompanied by targeted email campaigns continued to move the awareness dial, while a monthly informational eLetter offered prospects and advertisers alike helpful marketing tips as well as updates about Kellysearch.com.

The Results

After less than 18 months in the U.S. market, Kellysearch is the leading on-line B2B search engine outpacing the nearest competitor by a factor of four. Sales are up, the pipeline is full and the Kellysearch brand has been firmly transplanted to U.S. soil.