Taking the pain out of the PR process

How We Work

Getting good PR that works—and works for you—shouldn’t be so tough. We know how to build programs and relationships that fit the needs of our clients, and that demonstrates value and results.

Rather than blathering on about “building strategic connections to drive business process success” or vague “mind-share” stuff...we think the way we work tells you a lot more about what we do and the value we offer.

Your Needs, Our Approach

Sometimes you need a fast and focused media blitz to launch a product - or maybe your channel marketing requires a sustained media relations and marketing effort to build ongoing leads.

At Bridgeman Communications we deliver public relations and marketing programs that fit the pace and strategy of your business growth. That might mean a mix of ongoing programs from media and analyst relations to lead-generating direct response … or it may be a targeted product launch, an overseas market roll-out, or just extra support around a busy trade show schedule.

Our “Campaign” initiatives deliver concentrated communications programs, usually over a fixed period, that drill down on “need-it-now” sales and marketing goals. Bridgeman’s “Life-Cycle” programs bring together long-term strategies with ongoing, integrated programs that sustain new business and growth.

The Bridgeman “Dual-Track” Jump-Start

We understand that companies need an agency that balances the "need-it-yesterday" demands of looming deadlines, with a well-crafted strategy that provides a roadmap and accountability for marketing communications.

Our Dual-Track approach ensures we're taking care of the need-to-dos first, like grabbing editorial calendars with pressing deadlines, getting speaking submissions squared away, or pushing that email blast out the door for next month's show. At the same time we work with clients in the first weeks of a relationship to build a concise and insightful marketing communications plan that charts our program, and provides measures and deliverables.

We Use the Right Tools - Not Just Our Tools

Our recommendations always begin and end with the problem and solution, not just a list of what we sell. That means we often recommend and execute programs from e-marketing and OEM sales support to multi-phased product launch programs that span the lifecycle of a technology.

Most of our work is in PR—media relations, analyst briefings, trade shows, news releases and articles—but we take a broad marketing vantage on our clients' communications needs. Sometimes that means tuning-up a lead generation effort or spearheading a "biz dev" push to attract new channel partners.

Tough Goals, Hard Measures

Everyone talks “strategic value,” but how do we prove the value of our results? At Bridgeman Communications we work hard to set goals that describe substantive results tied to business value, not vague “mindshare” objectives. We work with you to set concrete goals with measurable deliverables, such as “get us in front of IT pros,” “move us into the business media with XYZ message” or “educate a partner channel.” Goals, deliverables and measures – they all work together.

Keeping Your Program Moving

Of course we're prudent about what we do and how we communicate; we know how to work to plan and on schedule. But our clients give us high marks for not waiting to be told what to do. They like our "have you seen this?" get-going approach and "we went ahead and submitted this for you..." attitude. For example, when we see an issue cresting, we often launch a Catalyst PR™ media push to put our clients’ views and spokespeople at the head of breaking news. We keep your program moving ahead.

Process + Creativity

After almost 20 years in business, we've built some pretty strong systems for managing media programs and marketing communications for our clients. We have automated media research databases, processes for developing client testimonial programs and e-marketing programs, and reporting tools to keep our clients informed and involved.

Yet at the same time, we don’t tolerate cookie cutter approaches and the “here’s how we do it” agency arrogance that eliminates new ideas and creativity. So whether we’re planning a campaign or just wrestling with a story lead, our work often begins with questions like “How about this?” or “Can we try this instead?” and “Is there a smarter way to do this?” Good questions that drive great ideas.

If it sounds like we think and work the way you do, let’s talk.

Call us at 617-742-7270, or drop us a note at info@bridgeman.com.