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Our People

The background of our people tells you a lot about us, the kind of work we’ve done and the problems we’ve solved. The Bridgeman staff is as diverse as the services we provide and the clients we represent. Just as our clients run the gamut from international high-tech companies to smaller, regional start-ups, our staff’s professional background reflects an array of industry and communications experience. In previous lives, Bridgeman staffers have...

  • Managed public relations for an e-security consulting company
  • Directed publicity for national technology trade conferences
  • Introduced New England's first regional on-line yellow pages
  • Taught English in Poland for a multi-national company
  • Promoted video editing technology into the broadcasting and film industry
  • Launched a collaboration software development company
  • Introduced a technology that wipes out commercials from your recorded TV programs
  • Launched the industry’s first B2B industrial equipment e-commerce web site

As an agency team we work closely together, share our individual experiences and draw on each other’s backgrounds, skills and strengths.