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Build, Grow & Learn...

For almost 20 years, Bridgeman Communications has helped technology and professional service clients grow their business. And during that time, we’ve helped PR and marketing professionals build their careers. How?

Well, by...

  • Tackling interesting, complex marketing problems, from start-up situations to product launches.
  • Making sure people see the whole puzzle, not just their piece of it.
  • Ensuring everyone develops the skills to bring strategy, not just tactics, to their clients.
  • Giving people real responsibility and the credit that comes with it.
  • Providing face-time with senior-level clients.
  • Encouraging people to learn new skills.
  • Supporting membership in business associations and paying for professional development.
  • Giving all staff, from account managers to interns, a close-up view of how a successful agency runs - and by involving everyone in that success.
  • Building resumes with top-name clients.
  • Providing a team-oriented atmosphere where people learn from each other.
  • Oh, and by maintaining a pace that gives employees time to have a life outside of work.

We think Bridgeman is a great place to learn and to grow. We invite you to contact us about career opportunities.

Career Opportunities

Bridgeman Communications is always on the lookout for talented people who want to dive into new challenges. If you find yourself described below, get in touch with us at roger@bridgeman.com.

  • Learning the ropes - internship opportunities:

    If you’re looking for a bird’s eye view of life in a public relations agency, spend a semester or summer at Bridgeman Communications. You’ll gain strong working experience as well as insight on how an agency functions.

    We typically hire one intern/administrative assistant per semester and during the summer. If you’re a college junior, senior or graduate student with strong writing skills and attention to detail, contact us at least ten weeks prior to the end of the semester.

  • On the fast track:

    You’ve got at least one solid year of PR experience backed with a few good internships. You’ve done your stint tracking editorial calendars, and you’re an expert at clip reports. You’ve talked to editors and have down the basics of a good pitch call. You’re a good writer but haven’t had the chance to dig into any complex pieces. You’re eager to work face-to-face with clients, and you can’t wait to play a larger role in an account.

  • Looking for substance:

    With two to four years of experience, you’re well on the PR/marketing track and are looking for a position that gives you some real responsibility, and some new challenges. You can work independently and are ready to take charge of your own projects. You like working directly with clients and the notion of client service is second nature. Your writing skills are well-honed. You know how to pull the news story out of a collection of disparate facts, and you understand how to position a story to different kinds of editors.

  • Time to be a leader:

    You want to be at the helm of your own accounts. Over the past four to six years you’ve mastered the tactics -- clear, concise writing; effective editing; strong media relations; dedicated project management -- and you’re on your way to becoming a solid strategist. You’re at ease working one-on-one with senior-level clients. You welcome the opportunity to design and drive multi-tiered communications programs. You know how to listen, and you’re looking for a job that really makes you think.

Interested? Drop us a line at roger@bridgeman.com